Winter cherry Picture Framing

Winter cherry Picture Framing

Winter cherry Picture FramingWinter cherry Picture FramingWinter cherry Picture Framing

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Picture Framing Perth

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We are based at the Gosnells Railway Markets, visit us at the weekend (Friday to Sunday). If unable, gives a call 0415 608 767 and make an appointment (Tuesday to Thursday).


Quality and Affordable

The right frame makes a difference..

Picture  framing has been our passion for over 20 years. We have framed banjos,  medals, wedding bouquets, posters, oils, and countless posters to name a  few.

Our customers  are from all suburbs, north and south of Perth, from areas such as  Armadale, Gosnells, Southern River, Maddington, Harrisdale, Kenwick,  Canning Vale, Victoria Park, Kalamunda, Orange grove, Thornlie,  Huntingdale, Kelmscott and many more. Some looking for a basic frame,  just to get the piece on the wall. Whilst others are very specific and  want the best quality and style to suit their home. We frame many  artworks for exhibitions. So whatever the job, head to Gosnells this  weekend for a quote, and see our range of frames.

The  right frame can make a difference to any piece of artwork, whether its a  photograph, poster, embroidery, or canvas painting. 

We  try to offer a good price without compromising quality. If you have  returned from a holiday in Bali and have several canvases, we are one of  the cheapest for CANVAS STRETCHING in Perth.

We  have been framing for local artists of all suburbs in Perth for many  years, who have been looking for quality but at an affordable price.  Perhaps you have some old photographs that need preserving? We have  helped many artists who are starting out on their first exhibitions, and  on a tight budget. 

We  keep things simple, but aim to make the frame enhance the artwork, as  well as preserving it. Many people can make a frame with the right  equipment, but finding the right frame to work with the artwork is often  the difficult part. With the use of a Computer mat cutter we can  further enhance the precious piece and create unusual matts if needed.

We strive for quality and do not use STAPLES for holding the artwork in the frame nor do we staple the chord on to the frame for speed, unless the customer requests it. Not only does it look unattractive, in time the chord often breaks. Using D rings is a much better choice.


We have customers from all over Perth and surrounds.  Our business is at weekends but please call or text any day of the week for quote .  

Types of framing

Diamond dot


We have framed countless diamond dots which are currently a popular pastime.



Tapestries can be a challenge to frame, due to their unsquareness.

Canvas stretching


Canvas stretching is the cheapest way to get your rolled up painting on the wall, we do many from Bali.

Paper cutting


A very challenging type of framing is paper cutting which needs special skills and patience.

Complex mattcutting


We use a computerized matt cutter, we can design complex shapes and layouts.

Shadow boxes


There are many items which need to be set back in the frame and a box needs to be made, making it an attractive piece of art.